31 Small Deck Ideas and Designs [with Pictures] (2024)

When the days get longer and the temperatures rise, nothing beats sitting out on a deck and enjoying everything the season has to offer. But, if you don’t have a small deck, what should you do then? Do you have to give up on the idea?

To put it simply, no, you don’t. With the right small deck design, anyone can craft their ideal deck. You’ll be ready for fun in the sun in no time flat.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some small deck designs that can get you headed in the right direction.

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  • Small Deck Ideas and Designs
    • 1. Small Round Deck with Seat
    • 2. Mini Circular Deck
    • 3. Small Deck with Dog Bath
    • 4. Rustic Patio Deck with Fireplace
    • 5. Studio with Circular Deck
    • 6. Small Covered Deck
    • 7. Tiny House Deck
    • 8. Simple Small Deck
    • 9. Contemporary Deck
    • 10. Slim Raised Deck
    • 11. Two-Tone Deck with Bench
    • 12. Raised Pergola Deck
    • 13. Two-Tiered Deck
    • 14. Simple Platform Deck
    • 15. Traditional Two-Level Deck
    • 16. Mini Beach-Style Deck
    • 17. Planter Deck
    • 18. Craftsman-Inspired Covered Deck
    • 19. Small Step Deck
    • 20. Tri-Level Contemporary Deck
    • 21. Simple Angled Deck
    • 22. Retaining Wall Deck
    • 23. Fireplace Raised Deck
    • 24. Curvy Small Deck
    • 25. Raised Deck with Lower Pergola
    • 26. Rustic Timber Deck
    • 27. One-Chair Deck
    • 28. Small Zen Deck
    • 29. Traditional Slim Deck
    • 30. Screened Porch with Small Deck
    • 31. Chevron Deck
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Small Deck Ideas and Designs

1. Small Round Deck with Seat

While this project might not be ideal for beginners due to the lack of instructions, experienced DIYers may be able to take it on. There are several pictures, giving you enough to potentially create your own plan. At a minimum, it serves as a great source of inspiration.

The result is a magnificent round deck with bench seating. Some of the seat space even has a back, allowing you to lounge with ease.

2. Mini Circular Deck

If you need something particularly compact, this small deck design is right up your alley. Its diameter is less than 10 feet, making it a great choice for small yards or nestling into a garden.

The design itself is also incredibly attractive. The deck has a sunray-style or daisy-like pattern, giving it added visual interest. But this does make the build a bit more challenging, due to the extra cuts needed to handle the angles, so it may be more than a beginner wants to tackle.

3. Small Deck with Dog Bath

Bathing a dog indoors isn’t always practical. Luckily, with this small deck design, you have an alternative. It features a bone-shaped pool in the center, making it the perfect spot to give the spot a bath.

Plus, the shape of the deck is incredibly enticing in its own right. If you don’t have a dog (or don’t need an outdoor bath for you), you could skip the pool. That would give you a decent-sized surface that would be great for lounging instead.

4. Rustic Patio Deck with Fireplace

This small deck idea is more about the additions than the deck itself. The overall design is simple, featuring parallel boards on a sunken patio. However, the décor takes it to the next level.

Along with wall planters, this rustic patio deck features a gas fireplace. Even chilly nights could be magnificent thanks to the cozy fire. That makes this a great option for cooler climates or anywhere where the nights can be a bit colder than is comfortable.

5. Studio with Circular Deck

A small shed can become a standout studio with some simple additions. With the additions of a step area and a circular deck off the front corner, the building is attractive and functional.

Plus, the deck creates enough space for a pair of small chairs, a two-person bench, or a chair and side table. If you’re looking for a spot to relax in solitude, it could be a great option.

6. Small Covered Deck

This mini deck is the perfect addition to a small stone backyard pond. Its design mimics a covered well, giving it a rustic charm. Plus, the side railing is incredibly inviting, creating the perfect place to lounge and potentially watch some koi below.

Since there’s a roof, this is a small deck that you can even enjoy when it rains. Take refuge under the covering and watch the drops create ripples in the pond. If that isn’t relaxing, what is?

7. Tiny House Deck

Just because you live in a tiny house, that doesn’t mean you can’t live large. The addition of the deck creates more living space, providing ample room for a pair of chairs, benches, or more. You may even be able to have an outdoor dining area, perfect for meals under the stars.

Part of what makes this deck special is that it can be designed to fold up. That way, even if you take your tiny house on the road, you can bring your deck along for the journey.

8. Simple Small Deck

A deck doesn’t have to be complicated to be amazing. This small deck design embraces simplicity, running the boards in parallel perpendicular to the home. But the result is still beautiful, and the amount of space available is ample.

This option also means you could potentially avoid many cuts. If you opt for a standard board’s length as the deck’s width, you can use whole boards. That makes this approach ideal for beginners, as the building process is streamlined automatically.

9. Contemporary Deck

Modern decks tend to embrace clean lines and simplicity. This contemporary deck is a great example due to its highly linear design. This may also give it a “masculine” feel, something that some people appreciate.

As a bonus, small deck designs like this one tend to be easier to replicate. Envisioning the building process is simpler since the deck is straightforward. If you’re a beginner, it could be a great option.

10. Slim Raised Deck

If you don’t have a lot of space or your home is perched on the edge of a hill, going with a slim raised deck could be a great choice. It lets you make the most of the existing space without making the building process overly complex.

However, going this route may be more than many DIYers can handle. Without extra supports, you could need beams to support the load. That may require an engineer, so keep that in mind before you get started.

11. Two-Tone Deck with Bench

This deck takes a simple idea and elevates it to a whole new level. The use of two tones allows you to create a border around the deck, adding visual interest.

Plus, the built-in benches and planters are convenient. You don’t have to worry about bringing out chairs or finding a place to add some fresh color. They are available by default.

While this design is larger, it’s fairly scalable. You can adjust the length and depth to meet your needs, ensuring you have the right sized deck for your yard.

12. Raised Pergola Deck

If you’re looking for more than just a deck, this raised pergola design is worth considering. It provides you with a reasonable amount of space. Plus, you get some protection from the sun and additional visual interest due to the pergola.

While this version features craftsman (or arts and crafts) styling, it’s adaptable. Simply adjust the ends of the pergola and the supports, and it can easily be more contemporary, industrial, or rustic.

13. Two-Tiered Deck

If your yard is significantly lower than your main floor, a two-tiered deck can serve as the ideal transition. You’ll get plenty of space to lounge, barbecue, or hang out with family and friends. Plus, you can use the multiple heights to bring your main floor and yard together, promoting better indoor/outdoor living.

Before you go this route, make sure you can transition correctly. There are strict rules regarding step heights. So, if you need stairs to move from one level to the next, check your building codes in advance to make sure you get it right.

14. Simple Platform Deck

When you go with a simple platform design, the end result can be equally modern and classic. That makes this small deck idea particularly versatile as it will blend with many architecture and design styles.

However, since it isn’t raised, make sure you have great drainage and that the material is either synthetic or well-sealed. Otherwise, the deck could become saturated, which could compromise the structural integrity of the material.

15. Traditional Two-Level Deck

If you prefer a traditional look, this small deck design might be right for you. It features two levels and classic styling, making it a solid choice for traditional or transitional homes.

This could also be a great choice if you’re looking for closer to a mid-sized deck. However, the design is scalable. You could make it slimmer or shorter if you’d like, allowing you to adjust it based on your needs.

16. Mini Beach-Style Deck

Sometimes, all you need is space for a single chair. If that’s you, then this simple mini-deck could be a great choice. It provides you with enough space for some private lounging without going overboard.

Additionally, the design itself is fairly simple. Even beginners could replicate the look, including if they are only going off of these images. The surface is incredibly linear, limiting the need for complex cuts.

17. Planter Deck

Adding some planters to your deck can be a great choice, especially if you don’t have much yard space. It gives you an easy way to add greenery to your patio, essentially serving as a substitute garden.

This small deck idea even goes further. There are two small bench seats built-in as well. With the addition of a small table and two chairs, there’s room for four and then some, making it a quaint gathering space to enjoy with friends or family.

18. Craftsman-Inspired Covered Deck

Featuring a craftsman aesthetic and pergola, this small design idea is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates arts and crafts details. The design is simple, yet sturdy, providing a small seating area covered by a pergola.

This look can also work for farmhouse exteriors. The heavy wood has a rustic feel, allowing it to blend with country styling as well, making it a bit more versatile.

You could even expand the design to make a larger space. However, with the pergola supports, shrinking it might not be the best choice.

19. Small Step Deck

Why just have a set of stairs when you can have a small deck, too? This design embraces that idea, creating room for a seating area while making the transition between the yard and main floor convenient.

The design itself is straightforward. As a result, many beginners should be able to replicate it with ease. Just make sure you follow local building codes regarding the step height, allowing your deck to be safe and functional at the same time.

20. Tri-Level Contemporary Deck

This deck features three levels, each providing a small space to enjoy. While the lowest tier mainly functions as a step, it could support a chair. The middle level works for a loveseat bench while the top has room for multiple chairs or, potentially, a café-style dining set.

Each of the levels has a wood border, making the design incredibly appealing. Plus, it only ups the complexity of the build slightly. So, if you have solid DIY skills, you can probably tackle it.

21. Simple Angled Deck

If you have an awkwardly shaped space, this small deck idea could inspire you. It makes use of the available space by embracing angles. In the end, it provides enough room for a barbecue and could even handle a chair or two.

While it features angled cuts, most of them align with each other. This makes the design easier to manage. However, beginners might prefer something simpler, especially if they’ve never dealt with angled before.

22. Retaining Wall Deck

While it looks like this deck has planters along two sides, that isn’t the case. Instead, the raised sides function more like retaining walls, creating continuous planting spaces along the edge. That may make it more versatile for planting, as you won’t necessarily be limited by the size of a container.

Additionally, the seating area is ample and could be scaled. Whether your yard is smaller or bigger, adjusting this design to fit wouldn’t be a challenge.

23. Fireplace Raised Deck

This inspiring deck idea isn’t just a small deck; it’s also a stone fireplace. If you want to go the extra mile, it could help you create a relaxing, cozy area for enjoying time by the fire.

However, that also makes the full build more complex. The raised design itself may require beams and some more advanced engineering. The fireplace adds a new level of difficulty and may be more than a DIYer can safely tackle.

If you go this route, consider getting help from professionals. That way, you can make sure everything is done right.

24. Curvy Small Deck

This deck mimics the lines of the nearby pool, making the design feel especially organic. It’s also bordered, which, considering the lines, means this design might be more challenging to handle, especially for beginners.

However, the end result is a showstopper, so it’s worth considering if you have a pool, garden area, or other nearby space featuring curving lines. Just be ready to spend a lot of time thoughtfully planning and measuring. Otherwise, you might not match the flow correctly.

25. Raised Deck with Lower Pergola

What makes this design unique is how it impacts two seating spaces. The upper deck area gives you plenty of space for a barbecue or some seating. By attaching the top of the pergola to that deck’s rails, a lower seating area gets some shade.

This approach can work well for small yards, especially if the main floor is elevated above. You can create a more functional room and a degree of separation between the spaces, which you may appreciate if you favor privacy.

26. Rustic Timber Deck

Due to the heavy support posts holding up the pergola, this small deck feels a bit rustic. The wood becomes the star, easily drawing the eye. You could even substitute the square posts for round ones that more closely resemble freshly scraped timber, taking it up a notch.

But this deck also has a lot more to offer beyond the aesthetics. You get a large seating area, one big enough for a sectional style outdoor sofa and coffee table.

27. One-Chair Deck

This simple design provides enough room for a single seat, making it a great choice for those who want to spend some time alone enjoying nature. While this design is elevated, taking advantage of the lake view, it doesn’t have to be. However, if you do lift it, the railing is a critical element, ensuring your deck is safe.

Otherwise, the core design is easy to replicate. It’s a simple rectangle, with boards running perpendicular to the home.

28. Small Zen Deck

With a look that seems perfect for a Zen garden, this small deck could be great for reading outdoors or some light meditating in the sun. The design features a border, making it feel a bit contemporary but still natural. Plus, the resulting space seems private.

The final size is ideal for one person, making it an excellent choice for small yards. However, it could be scaled up, allowing you to replicate the look but have more room for seating.

29. Traditional Slim Deck

Nestled into the space between two homes, this deck makes the best use of the room available. It could easily support a chair or two, allowing the homeowner to enjoy time outdoors with ease.

The railing gives this small deck design a traditional feel. However, by adjusting the look of the posts, it could look more contemporary, industrial, or rustic. So, let your imagination guide you, ensuring it aligns with your preferences once you’re done.

30. Screened Porch with Small Deck

This design is more than a small deck; it also features an attached screened-in porch. This can be ideal if you want a space for barbecuing but also appreciate the protection a screened area provides.

However, adding a screened porch like the one in the image isn’t necessarily a DIY job, as it ties into the roof. But the deck could be manageable if you already have a porch, so keep that in mind.

31. Chevron Deck

Here’s a deck that takes advantage of its angles, using them as inspiration for a chevron floor pattern. This adds a degree of interest, making it a bit unique.

While this deck isn’t massive, it isn’t tiny either, making it a solid choice for mid-sized yards. You could easily fit a barbecue, table and chairs for four, and some extra seating while still having room for people to move around. If you enjoy entertaining, this could be the right approach for you.


If you were dreaming of a small deck but didn’t know where to start, that should no longer be an issue. Each of the small deck ideas above is a great choice. Take a look at them and see which one is right for you.

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you’d like to share your thoughts or tell everyone about other small deck designs that they should consider, head to the comments below. Also, feel free to pass this list to anyone else who may be thinking about building their small deck; they’ll be happy you did.

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31 Small Deck Ideas and Designs [with Pictures] (2024)


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