7 Memorial Tattoo Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa (2024)

Tattoos are exceptionally popular, and it’s no surprise that people look to ink a memorial tattoo after the passing of a loved one. This is true for any loved one, from unborn children to grandparents. Here we are going to look at the latter, memorial tattoos dedicated to grandma and/or grandpa.

Why We Choose to Remember Grandparents

Any expert will confirm that being surrounded by family is important for children’s emotional wellbeing. Grandparents have a special place in that hierarchy. To grandchildren, everything about life is fresh and new, while grandma and grandpa have lived through it all. They are the sages in the family. As such, younger generations look up to them to learn. There are several reasons grandparents are so important in a child’s life:

1. Grandparents Provide Unconditional Love

Children are accepted by their grandparents in a wholly unique and important ways. Parents are responsible not only for loving their children, but for discipline.

That is why grandparents play such an important part in a grandchild’s life. Grandparents are often not required to disciple or correct the child. Their “job” is to spoil the grandkids and make them happy. Children usually revel in unconditional acceptance and love when around their grandparents. It is a one-of-a-kind relationship.

Grandparents also take on the role of role models and teachers. But the children know they are loved whether they master the teachings or not.

2. Grandparents Bring Their Unique Perspective to Life

Grandchildren learn when grandparents tell their stories, including tales of family hardships and misfits. Understanding how the grandparents grew up and how they raised the children’s parents can clarify any number of issues for children. It’s like unfolding a picture album.

Grandparents are the family historians. Parents may not share stories of their bad report cards or other embarrassing incidents with their children. But grandparents can fill in plenty of missing information, much to the grandchildren’s amusem*nt. They can shine a different light on the parents that are raising them.

Grandchildren generally learn more about family traditions from their grandparents than from their parents. This provides the children with a sense of history and belonging. The children can feel a part of something more significant than their own lives.

Having a history makes grandchildren feel important and more connected to the rest of the world. Granddad fought in World War II? Wow – there’s a whole different side to life and of granddad being revealed.

3. Grandparents Bring Stability

Even young children recognize that grandma and grandpa bring stability into their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

Grandparents have already raised a family and tend to be calmer in the face of adversity. They have already been through everything. Both parents and grandchildren know they can count on grandparents in times of need. Grandparents are equated with security and safety. That places them in a very special position in the grandchildren’s lives.

Grandchildren can also use grandparents as role models for marriage. Even in well-adjusted families, it is not unusual for children to witness their parents disagreeing or arguing. This can be unsettling. In most instances, grandparents are way beyond that and present a happy relationship to the grandchildren. After being together for decades, they have learned the art of compromise and accept each other for who they are. This serves as an important lesson for the grandchildren.

4. Grandparents Can Open an Adventurous World

Parents are invariably busy with work. Grandparents are most likely retired and have the time to take the grandchildren exploring. This can be to the zoo, collecting shells at the beach, fishing by the lake, or to story time at the library. Simply stated, grandparents equal a good time.

The bond between grandparents and grandchild is an unusually strong one. It is not rare to find grandchildren honoring their beloved grandparents with a memorial tattoo.

Tattoos have existed as long as mankind has. Ancient tribes have used tattoos to remember other tribe members. Grandchildren can use grandparents’ memorial tattoos for the same reason – to remember and honor someone very special.

What is a Memorial Tattoo?

A memorial tattoo honors an important person who is no longer living. The wearer uses the tattoo to keep alive the memory of someone very special. These tattoos are personal and hold a great deal of meaning for the wearer.

For grandchildren, a memorial tattoo of a grandparent is a loving tribute to everything that the grandparent has contributed to his or her life. Such memorial tattoos can come in different forms. It can be something as simple as the grandparent’s name and date of death. Others can be far more elaborate. It all depends on the wearer’s personality.

A memorial tattoo can also use significant images that give unique meaning to the relationship between grandparent and grandchild. They represent exactly what the grandparents meant to the grandchild and just how immensely the grandchild was influenced by them. It represents a love offering.

5 Memorial Tattoo Ideas for Grandparents

As a rule, a memorial design is not intended to be flashy. It is far too personal for that. It should stand as a sign of respect. As a matter of fact, if the wearer has other tattoos, the grandparents’ memorial tattoo may be kept separate, away from the “crowd” as a special tribute. It is a way to hold the beloved grandparent, even if deceased, close forever. Because a memorial tattoo holds so much meaning, it is important to find a tattoo artist who has experience in designing this type of commemoration.

There is a lot of leeway in choosing a grandparents’ memorial tattoo. The only requirement is that it be special to the wearer. The location of the tattoo is a personal decision. Some people prefer to keep their tattoo private, while others enjoy sharing it with the world. Whatever the decision, it has no relevance on how much the grandparent was loved.

Following are some ideas to consider.

1 – RIP Tattoo

One type of memorial tattoo is the “RIP tattoo.” These can include an unobtrusive symbol such a name and date of death, a rose, or perhaps a gravestone with name and date of date. Some grandchildren are more comfortable using the date of birth, and that is absolutely acceptable.

2 – Portrait

A more complex tattoo can involve tattooing a portrait of the deceased. It can be any portrait of the grandparent, at any age. The important thing is that this is a picture that the grandchild will always hold dear. It represents the beloved grandparent as he or she lives on in the grandchild’s memory.

3 – Angels or Angel Wing Tattoos

Angels or angel wings are another common memorial tattoo. They signify acceptance that the grandparent is in heaven and currently looking down on his or her treasured grandchild. Small wings on the shoulders can look attractive and respectful, as can a larger wing design on someone’s back.

These specific memorial tattoos may be enhanced with a personal quote, a biblical reference, or perhaps a special nickname. This makes the tattoo even more relevant.

4 – Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is simple yet expresses the love the wearer has for he or her grandparent. With the date of birth and a heartfelt message, the tattoo says everything that needs to be said.

5 – Grandparent and Child

Few images can better portray the special relationship between grandfather and grandson. The two are off to have an adventure. Even seen from the back, the pair holding hands, their love is unmistakable.

6 – Grandma and Grandpa Tattoo

Alternatively, you can memorialize both grandma and grandpa together in a single tattoo.

The beloved grandparents are heading off into the sunset hand in hand in the above image. With this tattoo, their love and influence will be with the wearer for life.

7 – Flower for Grandma

This is a simple flower tattoo that keeps her memory alive. It is warm and enchanting.

There is much to consider when getting a memorial tattoo of one’s grandparents. Having a discussion with an experienced tattoo artist can be helpful here.

Why Get a Grandparents Memorial Tattoo?

A grandparent memorial tattoo can never replace the grandparent in the grandchild’s life. Grandparents are, by their very nature, irreplaceable. However, a grandparent tattoo will and can keep memories alive. When a grandchild looks at the tattoo, it will evoke emotions and memories that might otherwise get lost. In a way, the grandparent lives on with the grandchild. What could be more bittersweet? A memorial tattoo will connect generations.

The grandparent memorial tattoo is a tribute. It can also provide the grandchild with the strength to recover from the loss.

It indicates acceptance of the grandparents’ passing. There is peace in acceptance and embracing the memory of the grandparent who has always been there for the grandchild.

One thing many memorial tattoos have in common is italic lettering. This type of lettering is symbolic of a message for a loved one who is no longer with us. Most of them are in darker colors, such as black or grey. However, a memorial rose can be in a beautiful shade of red.

Many grandchildren opting for a grandparents’ tattoo honor the deceased with a special message. However, frequently a special picture of the grandparent, such as noted above, is also used. Of course, a message and a picture can always be combined.

The picture can be of grandparents, but it can be of something special about the grandparents. For example, if Grandma had a special meal that she prepared for her grandchildren, a tattoo of such a meal is a great way of honoring her. Keep her special apple pie real forever. Or perhaps Grandad had a favorite hat he always wore that can be depicted in a tattoo.

The options for a grandparent memorial tattoo are almost limitless. Much of it depends on the personality of the grandchild and the relationship with the grandparent.

Is There A Tattoo Stigma?

Tattoos have become quite commonplace. Still, a stigma may remain in certain parts of our society regarding these bodily drawings. Many people have a negative view of someone with a tattoo. The opinion of others should not matter. However, personal presentation does matter at times, such as a job interview.

Many millennials take tattoos for granted. Almost half of them have one or more. However, tattoos can still be associated with someone undesirable or someone with undesirable tendencies. Stereotypes can be difficult to overcome.

This stereotype is especially true for women. While a tattoo on a man can be seen as rugged or manly, a woman with a tattoo may risk gaining a negative reputation. Women are frequently judged in a harsher way than men and can be seen as less competent or less attractive when sporting a tattoo. Regardless of laws against discrimination, studies have shown that women revealing a tattoo may have more difficulty getting hired for a job.

Surprisingly, studies have shown that even tattooed people hold more negative views about other tattooed people.

The solution is simple. Getting a grandparent memorial tattoo is a wonderful and respectful act. It is an act of honor. However, if such a tattoo promises to interfere with “real” life, said tattoo should simply be kept out of view.

A grandparent memorial tattoo can be applied anywhere – on the back, shoulder, or upper thigh. These are bodily areas that are usually covered during a job interview and first meeting with potential in-laws. These areas can be used to honor grandparents yet remain within the confines of what society considers acceptable.

It is nice if a grandparent memorial tattoo can be shared with the world. It proclaims, “this person was special to me; I loved him or her.” However, the same love is still there when the tattoo is kept discreetly out of sight.


The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is like no other. It offers many lessons and experiences that the grandchildren might otherwise miss. Grandparents ease the trials and tribulations of growing up. They are invariably always there for the grandchildren with wisdom, love, and support.

That is what makes the grandparent memorial tattoo so special. Honoring an irreplaceable relationship keeps the bond strong forever. It is the very permanence of a tattoo that adds to its significance. The bond is never fleeting – it is meant to last forever. These tattoos tell a tale and express honest emotions.

7 Memorial Tattoo Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa (2024)


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