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About Us

We can hardly believe that we have been making and selling fairy garden miniatures and fairy doors for over 16 years now!

Our story started one rainy July weekend when a friend and organiser of our annual Kimbolton Castle Country Fayre asked me if I would like to take some space at the show. Up until then I had made miniature gardens and fairy doors for friends and family only and had never thought of making and selling on a professional level.

So we took along a pop-up gazebo (which promptly blew down in the first 30 minutes) and a 6′ table and the 25 fairy gardens I had made for the event, together with a few of our first ever fairy doors. I would have been highly delighted to sell just one garden – little did I know that less than an hour and a half into the show I would have sold out of everything I had taken! From that event I took a commission to create an in-ground fairy garden in Meopham, Kent and an order to make 21 miniature gardens in giant teacup planters for wedding table centrepieces – and so ‘The Fairy Garden’ was borne!

We have come a long way since our early days, moving premises twice as we grew and expanded then 7 years ago having our current facility custom built adjacent to our home, thus cutting down on wasted traveling time.

Whilst we are still primarily a family run business, we now have two other lovely ladies, Jane & Debbie, who help process your orders, and help us keep within our promise to process and dispatch all orders within 48 hrs, and ‘Old Bill’ who delivers all of our local orders.

Our range of products has grown and expanded over the 16 years and we now have more than 2,000 items in our collection, and we are proud to be the largest retailer of fairy garden items in the UK. We still hand make our own range of fairy doors, adding new styles and colours on an annual basis, and make our own branded range of fairy furniture.

We are sure you will enjoy browsing our pages of miniatures and that you will find everything you need for your miniature garden, whether you’re embarking on anewproject, or complimenting an existing garden.

All you need is a tiny bit of imagination and some inspiration from us and you can watch big things grow fromtiny beginnings!


About Our Products

We ask you to bear in mindthat miniature items come in all sizes from large to teeny tiny so please be sure to check the measurements given by each item to confirm that it will compliment the size and scale of your own project.

The colours are shown as accurately as possible, but due to computer monitor projections and photo lighting, monitors will show some colours a bit differently. The colour options will always be shown against each item for your guidance.

Our hand crafted doors, furniture and accessories are designed for use both indoors and out. We use an exterior paint then seal each item with a laquer or varnish. However, prolongedexposure to direct sunlight will naturally fade just about any material or colour, You can increasethe longevity of our products by reapplying a sealant or UV protector after every season. Keep your container garden in a sheltered positionand always take your miniatures indoors during the harsh winter months. Although all miniature items made from resin are frost resistant we still recommend that these be taken inside during winter.

We also ask you to bear in mind that none of the products we sell to create magical fairy gardens are intended to be used as toys and they are not suitable for the ‘rough and tumble’ play of very young children. Our products are made from a high grade polyresin which will give an all round weather resistance and will allow for fine detail but will shatter and break if dropped onto a hard surface. To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend that fairy gardens for very young children are created with adult supervision and any further repositioning of the individual pieces is also done under adult supervision. Some items have tiny components or sharp metal stakes which could pose a choking hazard or cause injury to very young children. Our products are not toys and are not suitable for unsupervised play. Our range of wooden and metal items are more suited to younger children as they are usually very brightly coloured and can withstand some rougher handling and do not easily break when dropped.

About Our Packaging

Here at the Fairy Garden we have a 100% reuse or recycle policy, and try always to source products, supplies and packaging locally to reduce our carbon footprint. If we can re-use a box without compromising the contents then we will. So although the outside of your order may look dull and uninteresting, we always try to make the inside as attractive as possible, we want you to feel like you are receiving a gift, even though you may have purchased it yourself!

All boxes purchased by us are made from recycled card, and we make sure that any bubble wrap or polystyrene infill chips purchased are 100% recycled plastic and biodegradable.

About - The Fairy Garden (2024)


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