Bruker Opus 6.5 Manual (2024)

9 1 Introduction 1.1 About this manual This manual is a complete documentation about the MultiRAM spectrometer. Depending on the degree of hazard important safety information and safety instructions are classified as follows: DANGER Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious (possibly irreversible) injury. WARNING Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious (possibly irreversible) injury. CAUTION Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate (reversible) injury. NOTE Hazard, which could result in material damage if the appropriate safety instructions are not observed. i The i provides information given to the user to facilitate spectrometer operation, and make the best possible use of the spectrometer. Bruker Optik GmbH MultiRAM User Manual 9

10 Introduction Terms This manual uses both the term spectrometer or MultiRAM when the spectrometer is described. 1.3 Safety Always observe the instructions described in this manual to ensure user safety and to avoid property damage. Keep this manual for further reference available at any time. Improper use or failure to follow the safety instructions can result in serious injuries and/or property damage. Any non-observance infringes the intended use (i.e. spectroscopic measurements) of the spectrometer. In this case Bruker Optik GmbH does not assume any liability. It is the operator's duty to plan and implement all necessary safety measures and to supervise their observance. Moreover, the operator must ensure that the spectrometer is in proper condition and fully functioning. A safe and faultless operation can only be guaranteed if the spectrometer is transported, stored, installed, operated and maintained properly according to the procedures and instructions described in this manual. Never remove or deactivate any supporting safety systems during spectrometer operation. Objects and/or material not required for operation must not be kept near the spectrometer operating area. The spectrometer has been developed according to the EN :2010 (IEC :2010+Cor.:2011) safety regulations for electrical measuring, control and laboratory devices Warning labels When operating the spectrometer you have to observe a number of safety instructions which are highlighted by the appropriate warning label. The warning labels and their meaning are described in the following. All warning labels on the spectrometer must always be kept legible. Immediately replace worn or damaged labels. Label Definition General Hazard: This warning symbol indicates general hazard. Observe the safety instructions and follow the precautions described to avoid personal injury. Table 1.1: Warning labels 10 MultiRAM User Manual Bruker Optik GmbH

12 Introduction 1 Label Definition Radioactive Material This warning symbol indicates the possible existence of radioactivity. When working with radioactive material always observe the safety regulations and take necessary protective measures. Wear protective clothing, e.g. masks and gloves. Non-observance may cause severe personal injury or even death. Corrosive Substances This warning symbol indicates the possible existence of corrosive substances. When working with corrosive substances always observe the laboratory safety regulations, and take protective measures (e.g. wear protective masks and gloves). Non-observance may cause severe personal injury or even death. Table 1.2: Warning labels in case of hazardous sample material Waste disposal Dispose all waste produced (chemicals, infectious and radioactively contaminated substances etc.) according to the prevailing laboratory regulations. Detergents and cleaning agents must be disposed according to the special waste regulations Laser safety Depending on its configuration the spectrometer is classified either in laser class 1, 3B or 4 according to EN : Safety of laser products (Part 1): Guidelines for the safe use of laser beams on humans (IEC/TR :2006). i Important: The respective laser class is identified by laser warning labels which are located on the spectrometer. Below the laser warning label, an information label is attached which informs about the wavenumber and power value of the laser radiation accessible to the user (not in case of laser class 1). Observe the safety instructions for laser safety in this user manual as well as the country-specific regulations applied when operating laser systems. The laser system must never be manipulated! 12 MultiRAM User Manual Bruker Optik GmbH

16 Introduction General information Protective earthing To avoid personal injuries and/or damage caused by electrical power, the supplied spectrometer power cord is equipped with a safety plug. Connect this safety plug only to an earthed power socket. Make sure that the earthed power socket used complies with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission 1 ) Qualified personnel Initial installation and all maintenance and repair work not described in this manual should only be performed by Bruker service personnel. Make sure that the spectrometer is only operated and maintained (i.e. only maintenance work that is described in this manual) by authorized operating personnel trained in the spectrometer operation and all relevant safety aspects. All repairs, adjustments and alignments on any spectrometer component must be performed in accordance with the safety regulations and standards applied in the country where the instrument will be installed Intended use The spectrometer and its components should only be used according to the instructions described in the manual or advised by a Bruker engineer. In case of accessories or components made by other manufacturers and used in connection with the spectrometer, Bruker Optik GmbH does not assume any liability for safe operation and proper functioning. 1.5 Questions and concerns If you have questions or concerns about safety, operating the spectrometer, or if you need assistance with software problems or replacement parts, contact Bruker at the numbers listed below: Service hotline hardware: +49 (0) Service hotline software: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) Internet: 1. International standards organization for electrical and electronic-related technologies. 16 MultiRAM User Manual Bruker Optik GmbH

18 General Optional configurations RamanScope III connected to MultiRAM MultiRAM with process FT-Raman probes R361 or R362 MultiRAM with video probe R265 i In optional configurations with probes, the MultiRAM spectrometer is specified as laser class 3B or 4 product according to EN : (safety of laser products). Details on the optional configurations are described in chapter Design To configure the spectrometer the following components are required: Filter set (including Rayleigh and primary filters) Excitation laser to generate Raman scattering: 1064 nm (standard), 785 nm (option) Raman detector including adaptation Optical components, e.g. source, sampling stages, filters, polarizers, detector etc. are electronically coded so that the spectrometer firmware can recognize them. A large front-mounted sample compartment is equipped with a motorized sample stage and a white light source. Optionally, 90 scattering geometries are available with standard sampling optics. Pre-adjusted, interchangeable lenses and sample stages allow a comprehensive adaptation to most spectroscopic problems. In case of highly absorbing materials the laser beam can be expanded to reduce the power density of the exciting laser radiation. Alternatively, there is the option to couple laser into an external fiber optic port (chapter 11). Full support of industry standard communication protocols makes the integration simple. In addition, the permanent online check of spectrometer components facilitates error diagnostics and maintenance. i Depending on the spectrometer configuration ordered, the spectrometer may not include all options that are described in this manual. 18 MultiRAM User Manual Bruker Optik GmbH

21 3 Installation Unpacking and initial installation of the spectrometer is done by Bruker service. The operating company has to provide an installation site that meets the site requirements described in this chapter. 3.1 Scope of delivery The standard spectrometer configuration allows upgrading with additional components and/or accessories. Standard components: Optional components: MultiRAM spectrometer Power cord Data cable (CAT 5, crossover cable for 10Base-T Ethernet standard) CAN bus cable MultiRAM user manual Spare parts Sampling kit PC-compatible data system (including power cord and VGA cable) OPUS application software packages (e.g. QUANT, IDENT, VIDEO, MAP) and the respective user manuals Accessories Raman Sadtler libraries Table 3.1: Scope of delivery Bruker Optik GmbH MultiRAM User Manual 21


Bruker Opus 6.5 Manual (2024)


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